6-Pak Schoolie Lure

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6-Pak Schoolie Lure

Want the attracting results of an umbrella rig without the drag, try the 6-Pak Schoolie Lure.

  • 6 Easy-Pulling, Whirling 3¾" Minnow Blades
  • Imitates a School of Bait Fish
  • Fish Calling Vibration Built-in

Hook directly in-line using a sinker if desired. No rudder is needed. Both ends are the same. Attach your bait 18" to 48" from the end of the troll. During Trophy season try a Tony 21 or a bucktail with 9" shad. After Trophy Season try a bucktail with 6" shad or a Tony 17. Color is Nickel with Silver "Prism-Lite®" Tape - 6-Pak Schoolie Lure.

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