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A few stripers caught in the Thomas Point area September 2001

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One of the fish caught just south of Thomas Point 9/16/2001 aboard "Kohaku".  This 34" Rockfish was caught by Bette Nowell trolling a 6 oz. chartreuse bucktail with a chartreuse pork rind trailer.

Larry Govsky of Rockville, MD caught this nice 32" Rockfish on board "Kohaku" just south of Thomas Point 9/23/2001 on a 10 oz. white parachute with a 9" white shad

"Last Dance" captained by Tim Thornton brought in the winning rockfish in the Val N. Eshleman Memorial Rockfish Open Tournament on 9/29/2001. A team effort by Tim Thornton, Tom Thornton, Ray Halley, Mike Causey , Jim Lewis & Tom Nowell took first place in the tournament with a 31 15/16 inch rockfish measured to the fork in the tail. Above is a photo of Tom Thornton of Dunkirk, MD with the winning fish. The fish was caught just south of Thomas Point on a silver spoon.


More great fish from the Spring of 2001

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This 36 in 21lb fish was caught chumming off the West River in 20 feet of water by Pete Stone aboard the "Country Bunkin".

Becky Burch caught this 36.5 inch rockfish aboard the Audrey B. charter boat off the Chesapeake Bay on May 6, 2001


Saturday May 12, 2001

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Bob Randolph with his 45 1/2" Striper caught in front of Thomas Point aboard Kohaku with a 24" "Snake" lure on the surface.


April 2001

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As you probably are aware, it was a ruff day on the water Saturday morning. After trolling umbrellas and tandem buck tails for the better part of the day, we finally hooked up with this 38.5" rock.  Lee Hine of Baltimore reeled this beauty onto my boat "Chubby" at about 11:30 over the east channel edge just above Bloody Point Light. Mike Farrell


August 2000

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This beautiful 33" Rockfish was caught by Matt Roby chumming off of Pooles Island


Thanksgiving Weekend

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Jan Snyder, Carl Bieberich, Mike Keville, Ron Bieberich (Left Picture) and Tom Nowell (Right Picture) with some of the fish caught Friday 11/24/00 aboard Kohaku out of Phil's Marina in Ridge MD at the mouth of the Potomac. 


Several fish caught on 11/18/00 & 11/19/00

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Mike Keville caught this 39" - 24 pound striper aboard Kohaku on a chartreuse 6 oz. bucktail with a 6" pearl shad fishing out of Phil's Marina in Ridge MD on 11/19/00. 

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This beautiful 40" fish was caught by Dave Holson fishing aboard "Tim's Tuition" with Captain Frank Delinski near Poplar Island on 11/19/00.

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Jim Byrd sent in these 2 photos of fish caught on 11/18/00. The pictures speak for themselves.


One of the fish caught aboard Kohaku at the mouth of the Potomac on 11/12/00.
36" - 22 lbs. 

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It was caught on an umbrella rig from The Tackle Box in Lexington Park.
Click here for recipe for "Sunrise Rockfish"


Ernie Mauldin of Havre de Grace brought in a nice 32" citation, he caught 8/8/2000 in the Susquehanna, using a Tony Accetta 13 spoon. Photo taken courtesy of Capt. Mike of Herb's Tackle Shop in Northeast MD

 rf-8-9-00.jpg (109098 bytes)

See Upper Bay Fishing Report


Selby Bay Yacht Basin visits the Hill

Will N' Mike had no trouble limiting out again on the Hill 6/18/00

Tom & Ray on Mauderaytion get their share from the Hill

A ducks eye view from Amanda Lee 

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A few more fish caught out of Selby Bay Yacht Basin

Mike McGovern aboard Somebody Special caught these 2 nice fish the first week of the Summer Season

Tom Nowell aboard Kohaku caught this Rock & White Perch just below Thomas Point the first week of the Summer Season

Mike shows off two keepers caught aboard Liquid Asset during Trophy Season

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Second week of Trophy Season out of Selby Bay Yacht Basin

Cousin Ho and Mini Ho caught this nice fish aboard Amanda Lee with Captain Mike Causey at the helm on 5/7/00

Frank Marinucci, Richard James, Mike Johnson, Mike Johnson Jr., Captain Tom Thornton and Mike McGovern Had a good day of fishing on 5/7/00 aboard Escapade. Mike Jr. brought in the biggest fish.

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Some of the fish caught out of Selby Bay Yacht Basin during the first week of Trophy Season

"Fisherman Tom" (Tom Thornton) and Mike Wenig aboard Escapade on 4/30/00

Mike Causey aboard Amanda Lee on 4/29/00

Keith Shelton & Scott Merchant on 4/28/00

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Joel Snodgrass fishing with Mike McGovern on board Somebody Special on 4/28/00

A great looking fish caught by Ray on 4/26/00

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Photo's taken during Catch & Release since April 3rd. courtesy of Capt. Mike of Herb's Tackle Shop in Northeast MD
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See Upper Bay Fishing Report


Trophy season photos aboard "Kohaku"
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