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As a young boy growing up in South Central Montana, trout fishing was my way of life. Making my own tackle and finding that special stream was my daily adventure. At age 18, I moved to Alaska and became a fishing guide. I am currently a Maryland resident, but continue to return to Alaska each summer, guiding for King Salmon.
In the ten years I have been a Marylander, I have continued to pursue my
passion for fly fishing. My goal for "The Fly Paper" is to share my knowledge and experience with my fellow fishing enthusiasts, and to encourage and inspire our next generation of Fly Fisherman.

March Stream Fishing With Streamers And Muddlers

Streamers & Muddlers

Day 1
My muddler minnows were the fly of choice for brookies on the Lost Land Run
in Western Maryland. The tight streams can make casting challenging. Fishing a muddler or streamer downstream, can eliminate constant back casting. Boulders obscure my presence from fish in the pool downstream, so I work my fly at the entrance, and then continue to work it downward. (See Illustration) My efforts brought me 20 strikes and 7 releases. In addition, it was 3 hours of fishing in one of the most beautiful streams in Maryland.

Fly Fishing downstream around boulders

Day 2
The morning began with a stop at Pap's Bait and Tackle in Barnum. Pap informed
me that Fish and Game had stocked the North Branch with Cut Throats and whopper Trout, large enough to set state records. Unfortunately, the water was so high and cloudy, no one was catching anything.

Next stop, was the lower Savage. It was immediate fast action on my muddlers. I caught 2 Browns and 2 Rainbows each measuring in at about 14 inches.

Just a footnote on fishing gear. Felt soled studded waders are highly recommended. The rocks are slick, and wading can be treacherous.

Releasing a trout is like rewinding a videotape. You can play them over again. Please be kind, rewind. Keith Feeley (world's luckiest fisherman)

If you have any questions or would like to share your own fly fishing experience, you can e-mail me at .

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