Capt'n Andy's Original Instructions

Capt'n Andy's Snake can be trolled deep on wire or downriggers. Or near the top on mono lines.

For it to spin correctly, use 6' of 60 or 80 pound mono tied directly to Snake, then you must use a Bead-Chain or ball-bearing swivel at the head of this leader.

Adjust boat speed so that Snake spins at the rate of about one turn per second.

Though not necessary to "sweeten" Snake with worms,, sometimes the added attraction helps.

When fish are hitting short, drop back a few yards after a missed strike, then crank Snake back rapidly. Quite often he'll hit again if it looks like his meal is getting away from him.

Also, when fighting a fish on one Snake, let the other ones drop down to the bottom, as quite often big fish lie down there waiting for a meal to drift down to them.

Snake is made different colors, try them all to find the one that works best for you.

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